Daughters Of Divine Charity

Holy Trinity Province

39315 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  48304
Phone: 1248-644-1011
Fax: 1248-644-1596




Prayer Life

We are founded on prayer and personal union with the Triune God,
daily praying together as a Community.


Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Liturgy of the Hours.


Community Prayers.

Rosary and Litanies.


Program For Life by Mother Franciska Lechner

No morning without a fervent prayer

No work without good intention

No joy without a thankful look toward God

No conversation without a thought of God

No suffering without God-given patience

No injury done without repentance

No mistake without critical judgment on it

No good work without humility

No one in need of help without a small gift

No sufferer let go uncomforted

No sickness suffered without forbearance

No night without self-examination


Prayer For Knowing My Vocation

Oh Lord, I'm growing up.

I am beginning to realize how important it is that I make decisions.

I would be afraid except for the fact that I know you'll guide me.

The world can use me and my talents - but where?

Show me

Lead me

Guide me

And when you show me, help me to be generous enough to respond.


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